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The Specification of Tencent Video

Tencent Video is a YouTube-like video platform provided by the Chinese IT giant, Tencent Technology. It is one of the most popular video platforms in China. This article is going to introduce the Tencent Video specification for content creators, including the supported formats, resolutions, file size limitation, and video length limitation. The requirement for VR videos is also covered.



Supported Formats

  • mp4, flv, f4v, webm
  • m4v, mov, 3gp, 3g2
  • rm, rmvb
  • wmv, avi, asf
  • mpg, mpeg, mpe, ts
  • div, dv, divx
  • vob, dat, mkv, swf, lavf, cpk, dirac, ram, qt, fli, flc,mod
  • mp3, aac, ac3, wav, m4a, ogg

Supported Resolutions

  • Full HD: 1920x1080
  • Super HD: 960x540
  • HD: 848x480

Vertical videos for mobile devices are also supported.

VR Resolutions

  • Full HD: 3840x1920
  • Super HD: 2560x1280
  • HD: 1920x960

Other Limitations

  • Video File Size: 5GB max.
  • Video Length: 10 hours max.

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  • Title (30 characters)
  • Description (200 characters)
  • Tags (at most 9 tags, each tag has at most 8 characters)
  • Cover photo:
    • 16:9 or 9:16
    • For horizontal, 1280x720
    • For vertical, 1080x1920
    • Max photo file size: 5MB
  • VR or not VR
  • Category:
    • Movie (电影)
      • Movie Derivatives (电影周边)
      • Movie News (电影资讯)
      • Movie Editing (电影剪辑)
      • Micro-movie (微电影)
      • Movie Commentary (影评)
    • TV Series (电视剧)
      • TV Series Editing (电视剧剪辑)
      • TV Series Trailer (电视剧片花)
      • TV Series Derivatives (电视剧周边)
      • Web Series (网络剧)
    • Anime (动漫)
      • Anime Series (连载动画)
      • Original Series (原创动画)
      • Anime Derivatives (动漫周边)
      • Otaku (宅文化)
    • News (新闻)
      • China Political (国内时政)
      • Global Political (国际时政)
      • Global Society (国际社会)
      • Society (社会百态)
      • Interview (人物访谈)
      • Gossip (奇闻趣事)
      • Law (法制)
      • Transportation (交通)
      • Positive News (正能量)
    • Entertainment (娱乐)
      • Celebrities (明星资讯)
      • Made by Fans (饭拍饭制)
    • Popular Arts (综艺)
      • Music Show (音乐真人秀)
      • Comedy (喜剧节目)
      • Talk Show (脱口秀)
      • Reality Show (真人秀)
      • Romantic (情感节目)
      • Stage Show (舞台剧)
      • Magic (魔术)
      • Opera (戏曲)
      • Others (其他综艺)
    • Ugly Performance (搞笑)
      • Kichiku (鬼畜)
      • Funny (奇趣)
      • Duanzi (段子剧)
      • Unexpected Reply (神回复)
      • Kids (熊孩子)
      • Self-deprecating (糗事)
      • Original Humor (爆笑原创)
      • Funny Animals (爆笑动物)
      • Prankster (爆笑恶搞)
      • Crosstalk & Sketch Comedy (相声小品)
    • Sports (体育)
      • Basketball (篮球)
      • Soccer (足球)
      • Funny Sports (体育趣闻)
      • Sport Course (体育教学)
      • General Sports (综合体育)
      • Kung Fu (功夫搏击)
      • Extreme Sports (极限运动)
    • Music (音乐)
      • Concert (音乐会)
      • Music Program (音乐节目)
      • Funny Music (恶搞音乐)
      • Karaoke (翻唱)
      • Instrument Performance (演奏)
      • Original Soundtrack (影视音乐)
      • MV (明星MV)
      • MV by Amateur (达人MV)
      • Hanmai (喊麦)
      • Awesome Amateur (音乐牛人)
    • Dance (舞蹈)
      • Hot Dance by Celebrity (明星热舞)
      • Dance by Amateur (舞蹈达人)
      • Dance Course (舞蹈教学)
      • Dance Studio (舞蹈工作室)
      • Square Dance (广场舞)
      • Square Dance Course (广场舞教学)
      • Best Square Dances (广场舞欣赏)
    • Children (少儿)
      • Children Song (儿歌)
      • Education (益智)
      • Cartoon (少儿动画)
      • Program for Kids (少儿节目)
    • Games (游戏)
      • Games for Smart Phone (手机游戏)
      • Online Games (网络游戏)
      • Offline Games (单机游戏)
      • Game Video (游戏节目)
      • Master Commentary  (达人解说)
      • E-Sports (电竞赛事)
      • Game Show (游戏展会)
      • Game Derivatives (游戏周边)
    • Finance & Economic (财经)
      • Business (公司)
      • Entrepreneur (创业)
      • Economic (经济)
      • Consumption (消费)
      • Investment (投资)
      • Fortune Management (理财)
      • Industry (产经)
      • Stock Market (股市)
      • Finance (金融)
      • Real Property (房地产)
      • Business People (财经人物)
      • Collection (收藏)
    • Military (军事)
      • Military Inside (军情解读)
      • Military Programs (军事节目)
      • Weapon & equipment  (武器装备)
      • Military History (战争历史)
    • Food (美食)
      • Recipe (美味食谱)
      • Baking (烘培)
      • Eating Competition (吃播大胃王)
      • Strange Foods (美食猎奇)
    • Life (生活)
      • Pets (宠物)
      • Gender (两性)
      • Astrology (星座)
      • Romantic (情感)
      • Health (健康)
      • Leisure (休闲)
      • Fitness (健身)
      • Home (家居)
      • Life Tips (生活窍门)
      • Feng Shui & Fortune Telling (风水命理)
      • Sprite (心灵)
      • Lottery (彩票)
      • Photography (摄影)
    • Fashion (时尚)
      • Fashion News (时尚资讯)
      • Fashion Advertisement (时尚大片)
      • Make up (美妆)
      • Fashion & luxury (潮流奢品)
      • Fashion for Men (男士时尚)
      • Fashion Show (T台秀场)
      • Fashion Dress (穿搭)
    • Parenting (育儿)
      • Pregnant (孕产)
      • Baby Feeding (喂养)
      • Early Education (早教)
      • Baby Show (萌宝)
      • Healthcare (保健护理)
    • Travel (旅游)
      • Travel Guide (旅行攻略)
      • Travel Story (旅行趣闻)
      • Landscape (旅行风光)
    • Auto (汽车)
      • New Car Express (新车速递)
      • Testing & Review (试驾评测)
      • Auto News (汽车资讯)
      • Tips for Drivers (用车)
      • Car Tuning (玩车)
      • Show Girls (车模)
      • Motorcycle (摩托车)
      • Others related with car (汽车其他)
    • Documentary (纪录片)
      • Foods (美食纪录片)
      • Nature (自然纪录片)
      • History (历史纪录片)
      • Society (社会纪录片)
      • Travel (旅游纪录片)
      • Military (军事纪录片)
      • Culture and Humanity (人文纪录片)
    • Education (教育)
      • Speech (演讲)
      • Open Course (公开课)
      • Working Skills (职场教育)
      • Exam (考试)
      • Skill Education (技能教学)
      • School (校园内外)
      • Experience (人生课堂)
      • Language (语言学习)
      • Knowledge (知识百科)
      • Culture & History (文化历史)
      • Reading (读书)
      • Arts (艺术)
      • Religions (宗教)
      • History (历史)
      • Culture (文化)
    • Digital (数码)
      • Review (评测)
      • Digital News (数码资讯)
      • Smart Life (智能生活)
      • Others related to Digital Devices (数码其他)
    • Science (科学)
      • Science Experiment (科学实验)
      • Space Explore (太空探索)
      • Science Education (科普)
      • Others (科学其他)
    • Technology (科技)
      • Machinery (机械)
      • Internet (互联网)
      • Frontier (科技前沿)
      • Funny Technology (科技奇趣)
      • Aerospace & Aviation (航空航天)
    • Others
      • Advertisement (广告)
      • Creative (创意)
      • Selfie (自拍)
      • Charity Video (公益短片)
      • Youth (青春)
      • Awesome Skills (绝活)


Comparing to US companies, Chinese companies usually pay less attention on documentation. This also applies to the leading companies like Tencent. For non-Chinese clients, it could get worse because even a proper-organized document was provided, it could be written in Chinese. That is the issue, this article is trying to solve. By summarizing from multiple sources, especially from the results of our experiments on real Tencent Video system, every piece of requirement is detailed above. This could be a solid base for professional content creators to set up their own working standards.

By standardizing the publishing process according to this specification, your work could be well-accepted by Tencent Video. This will help to improve its presentation and exposure on Tencent platform. Then, eventually promote your influence in Chinese market.

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Information provided in this specification is for reference only. Content is based on Tencent official Chinese documents ref. 3 and live Tencent Video system ref. 2&4 as of December 2018. China Publisher does not guarantee the content reflects the latest version of Tencent system.


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